About the UU

Great A'Tuin is a turtle with four World Elephants and a disc-shaped world on top of it. Ankh-Morpork is the largest city on the Disc with about a million inhabitants and home to The Unseen University (UU). Its buildings are of ancient stone, and contain many dark, winding corridors and small rooms, far more than the size of the grounds should allow. UU Wizards study magic for many years the hard way. Reading an uncountable number of books, passing hard tests, getting one (or several) of the many degrees available and practicing all day long makes a great wizard. Few faculty members like to teach. They have virtual lectures in a classroom, (Room 3b) that does not exist, a happy arrangement mutually understood and respected by Faculty and students alike.

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On Wizardry


Works with your device

Wizards like to use instruments specially made for the purposes of practicing magic. The wizard's staff is a familiar and intuitive example; it stores magic that wizard can use all at once.


The broomstick is the device for magically enhanced travel favoured by witches.
While associated with witches, wizards have been known to use them in extremis.

Up to Date

For seeing all possible times and spaces of the multiverse, wizards have now advanced to the omniscope which is, sadly, very expensive monetarily to produce and very expensive magically to operate.

With Love

Wizards usually vie for the top position, the Archchancellor. Being invited in one of the orders, each wizard fights for the higher positions in the order, and fights off other orders.

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(*) Note that not all students need to be in an order, and, especially in the case of the socially prestigious or desirably "cool" orders, membership is by invitation only - the onus is on the potential new member to demonstrate what they could bring to the order. This also reflects the organisational principle of secret societies in general: you do not contact them. They will approach you.

(**) After graduation, you are expected to wear pointy hats, boots with curled points, and velvet robes with a lot of mystic sigil embroidery, sequins, and ankhstone ((like rhinestone but from the river Ankh, which is presumably much easier to mine). You are also expected to grow a beard.